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Message Subject :  "nice to read quite a bit if nostalgia"

Posted by : M.K.Chandrasekar ( on 7/22/2011 at 6:31:42 AM

Content : Dear ALUMNI

It was a great moment of pride to get back to school on the 17th of July for the ALUMNI formation.It was a humbling experience to seek the blessings of our great teachers & meet old friends .Now that the group is formed its encouraging to see the forum getting active & am confident that the registrations will increase in length & breadth in the coming weeks/Months - Am sure the members who have come in from 22 odd batches will network for the scale up.

Now that the core team has been formed will soon work on the formalities of formation of the legal society ( The CA's domain ) & get to the working desks for some useful executable agenda for teh betterment of the school & the students.


For the WEB ADMIN TEAM - Please change the font color to a dark grey or black - Reading is a little difficult.

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