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Message Subject :  "Entering the Campus after 18 years!!"

Posted by : P.Sundararajan ( on 7/18/2011 at 12:29:49 PM

Content : Gentlemen,

My heartiest congratulations to all those who helped in forming this Alumni association and in organizing the meeting yesterday. Thanks to those who shared the news about the website and the meet in linkedin.

I currently live in Hyd and ever since I moved out of Chennai in 2003, I waited for an apt opportunity to step inside our great School. There can't be any better day to re-enter this school and I booked my tickets the very day when I got to know about it.

What an experience!!! I still remember the day when I entered the school for the very first time ... about 25 years ago, to appear in the Entrance examination for class VI admission. It was held in the same Thiruvalluvar Hall, where we met yesterday.

As I entered the school yesterday, K.Dharmaraj Sir welcomes me introducing himself as the Headmaster... I could quickly recognize him and fell at his feet. He is the man who taught me the basics of Accounting, the Debits & Credits; the concepts that's helping me earn my bread & butter to date.

Then inside the Tiruvalluvar Hall, I saw G.Bhaskaran Sir, who taught me Commerce in a very simple manner which helped me in learning the various other related topics during my CA. Then as we approached the newly created Alumni office, I had the privilege of meeting TKG Sir, who taught several important values that’s helping me in life till date; the Alumni room was inaugurated by none other than KTG Sir himself – who can forget this strict disciplinarian clad in white & khaki!!

KTG Sir, in his own style address the old students and contributed Rs.10K to be presented to the 10th & 12th std. topper this academic year! I’m sure many of us will follow him.

Also had a chance to meet SRK Sir, who made it very easy for me to learn Economics; be it micro or macro. I felt very happy to have met with all the great teachers who have contributed in shaping up my life.

After the event was over, I went around the campus for about half hour… entered almost all the class rooms I’ve studied in during those 7 golden years, especially the last room at the right side at the ground floor of the first block (Rajaji block?), where I studied Std. VI… to the gr.flr of the Main building where I graduated Std. XII… went around the school ground, the places where we used to play hand cricket, hand tennis, drink water (that circular water taps!!), those small pillars, on which we used to sit – nothing has changed!! It’s so amazing to see all those places… just sat in a corner and closed my eyes; I could see N Siva, D.Thirukumaran, S Karthik, Anand, G Shanmugam, V Rajesh, G Suresh, Ilangovan, Viswanath, Dilip kumar, Kalyanasundaram, Ganapathy, Amaresan, Jaleel Ahamed, Gopi, Kuppan, Raja Singh, Hariharan, Padmanabhan, Kotteeswaran, Akilan, Venkataraghavan, Uday kumar and many others, whose face flashed in my mind, but can’t recall their names.

Overall, it was a satisfying experience and I’m sure I would visit the school every time I visit Chennai. I’m sure I won’t miss any Alumni meet….

Thanks to Mr.Tarun Ghai, who’s visibly put in lot of efforts in making the dream come true along with MKCji, Mohanji, Raviji, Kesavanji, Arulmozhiji and many others.

I’m yet to recover from the nostalgic feeling and I keep viewing those few pics that I clicked using my smartphone… it was a privilege… ours is probably one of the few best schools that gave good quality education (not just studies, but also good value system) to those like me who couldn’t afford to convent education…

I owe to contribute to the good academic results of our school, in whatever form I can; felt bad when I learnt that Commerce group students are not doing well in studies; I’m sure CA Arulmozhi who’s also into teaching CA students, can lead fellow CAs like me, in doing something about it and bring in 100% pass rate.


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Re : Entering the Campus after 18 years!! - B. MURTHY 9:15:32 AM 7/19/2011
I entered back to my school after 30 years, though i remain in the same area. I felt guilty as all along I have not visited. The frank reason was that whom to meet and what to do?. This alumni advertisement motivated me to come and enjoy the nostalgia. All the more was fortunate to see my favorite teacher Mr KTG whom I longed to see. He was the man in the 1970's brought in the form of capsule teaching, which helped to remember whatever we learnt. Also he set an example of doing charity, which to this day I follow. On the Alumni day also he continued the same by donating Rs.10000/- (5000 each to the student who comes first in 10th and 12th respectively). Such noble teachers has helped lakhs of students to come up in their lives.

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