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lady mctm
is there any website of lady m.ct.m.???.... i studied there!!
Posted By : KEERTHANA.V.H  at  10/23/2015Read More
lady mctm
is there any website of lady m.ct.m.???.... i studied there!!
Posted By : KEERTHANA.V.H  at  10/23/2015Read More
Anyone passed 10th in the year 1981
I completed 10th grade H section in 1981 and wish to get in touch with students in that batch. I just got in touch with Govindan.

Posted By : R Dhanasekar  at  6/10/2015Read More
Any one from 10th D section passed out 1985
like to know my classmates who did 10th (D-section) in 1985
Posted By : R.B.Ramesh  at  11/26/2014Read More
Kamaluddin of 1975 or 1976 batch
Any one know about kamaluddin of 1975 /76 batch. He was from XI B. Also I wish to meet or contact XI C students of that time.


Posted By : Sekar V  at  8/28/2014Read More
Is any one on the forum this batch
I have uploaded STD VIII Year 1974 BATCH.

Sivanesan &Devaraj, are my best friends.

Is any one in the forum? Pl identify your self
Posted By : V RAVEENDRAN  at  7/13/2014Read More
Alumini Endowment Prices
Please note a contribution of ours makes a good amount to create a corpus to give away Prices for every year Outstanding Child.Please suggest and get back with your views.
Posted By : K.Balasubramanian  at  2/14/2014Read More
Does the school work now o rnot?
I am seeing that none of the information in this website have been updated since 2010.
I am getting a doubt if the school is still functioning or not? Those in Chennai amy please verify and let me know. Thanks
Posted By : E.R.SHivaji  at  8/21/2013Read More
band unit
Hi friends,
if any one hear from band unit pls call me i want to meet all my friends in band unit with me
Posted By : S.RAJESH  at  7/19/2012Read More
members photos
Dear Members,

I would strongly suggest that each member upload their latest photo so it is easy to recognise.

With regards,
Posted By : K.C.SWAMINATHAN  at  7/14/2012Read More
Sir M Ct M Alumni - in the Web World

Hi Alumnus

In continuation with the effort to bring all Alumna of Sir MCTM Boys HSS back to the School as a group and get involved in various activities that are to be rolled out soon as a part of the Alumni Association, we've launched the facebook group page with link as follows,

This was launched with a view to attract our classmates / proximity for contact is really high in the Social Media these days.

Pls do join and spread the word around.

Also the existing Group in Linkedin is as follows,

All are available to get the maximum Alumni coming together and registering in our website ... and watch our school Grow leaps and bounds ...

Ram N
Posted By : Ramaswamy N  at  7/10/2012Read More
Calling all students who passed out in 1965
hi friends
is there anyone who was in the group who passed out in 1965? We faced a very turbulent time with anti-Hindi agitation causing school closing and delayed SSLC examinations. I wish to re-establish my contacts particularly, with those who were in the Engineering course like Arul Jothi, Srinivasan, Ibrahim, PV Ramaswami, Jayaprakash and Selvaraj.
Posted By : E.R.SHivaji  at  6/10/2012Read More
Hi Friends
hi friends is there anybody from 1990 to 1996 batch .i wish to meet all my school friends .
Posted By : R.KISHORE KUMAR  at  6/8/2012Read More
Anyone passed out in 1979 -X th G Section please?
Please let me know anyone passed out in 1979 X-G , I was supposed to be "class first" in those days, Will be be happy to know more about my friends..
Posted By : L.V.Raman  at  3/10/2012Read More
School losing?
Dear All,
I am deeply concerned about the reports that our beloved MCTM High School may be closed down soon. This is SHOCKING beyond words. There must be truth in the report because all but 9 teachers are on a sit-in strike and no classes are going on.
It seems many teachers are not being paid. This is UNACCEPTABLE.
I sincerely hope that an amicable solution will soon be found.
On behalf of all alumni of this glorious Institution, I express my protest and condemnation for such a move.
I request all alumni to join in and send their protest to the Correspondent.
Posted By : E.R.SHivaji  at  3/4/2012Read More
Teachers of MCTMHS
Dear All
I graduated in 1965. I would like to get news of the following teachers who inspired me when I was a student.
- S. Narasimhan (HM)
- SK Ramachandran (AHM)
- M. Hariharan (MH)
- TA Venkatraman (Tamil)
- SM Yakoob (SMY)
- KT Govindarajan (KTG)
- S Muthu Iyengar (SM)
- PM Rajendran (Engineering)
- PS shanmugam Pillai (Tamil Iya)
- K. Viswanatha Sharma (Sanskrit)
- B. Radhakrishnan
- K. Narasimhachari
- SR Parthasarathy
- John Samuel (Sam - PTI)
- KS Chengalvaroyan (KSC)
I guess most might have passed away. Still, I would like to get news about them. I want to mention them while performing "tharpanam" during Mahalaya paksha.
Posted By : E.R.SHivaji  at  3/1/2012Read More
Hello Friends
Hello Folks....

This is very amazing. Just am searching for the information about our school. I found that there is an Alumni.

It made me immense pleasure & immediately I joined the Alumni.

It was heart breaking seeing KTG very old and I am thinking of KTG walking with our traditional uniform & his bicycle.

Congrats to Mr. KDR on becoming the HM.

How can I express my feelings about the school and the days we spent together!!!!

Thanks to all the persons who made this Alumni success especially Mr. Mohan.

Let’s join together and bring accomplishment to this.
Posted By : D Mohan Kumar  at  3/1/2012Read More
I am happy to know about this site through one of my friends i am looking to connect with my old buddies Mr. jayvel,MR.T.R.ravi,MR.Kamala kannan. I completed my S.S.L.C IN 1984.
Posted By : Ramesh  at  2/17/2012Read More
Hi Everyone
Hi Every one,

It gives me immense pleasure to become a part of this Alumni. I have been a part of this school from 1987-1994. All these days were golden days in my life.

S.Karthikeyan M.P.T ( Ortho )
Posted By : S.Karthikeyan  at  1/30/2012Read More
Hello All
I stumbled upon our School Alumni when i was casually browsing the net. It is great to see something like this for our great School. By the way, i am the son of Late AHM of our School Mr. K.S.Chengalrayan (KSC Master). I hope my batchmates and other will remember him. I am glad to see my old teachers like Mr. Leo Master, Mr. RGM, Mr. KTG etc and very eager to be in touch with them again. I get nostalgic on seeing the visuals of our school buildings, the annex, the auditorium and the play ground (where we use to do our NCC drills for Air Wing with Mr. Namachivayam Sir.

I was going through the Alumni members list and find a few names from my batch like RAMRAJ, SHANKARKRISHNAN who were my classmates upto 10th std, if i am not wrong.

I am eager to be in touch with them and also with my other class and batchmates.

I thank the Organisers and the Management for coming up with this great idea.

Best regards to all
K.C. Swaminathan
Posted By : K.C.SWAMINATHAN  at  1/20/2012Read More
My dear old students of Sir. M. Ct. Muthiah Chettiar High School We started this website with a lot of fan fare and also the Alumni association was formed on the 17th July 2011 with good support both from the Head Master as well as the Asst Headmasters belonging to the Primary School - High school and Higher secondary. Moreover there has been Promises made like the opening of the Alumni association Room exclusively for our use of old boys and executed duly by the Correspondent and he has also provided a brand NEW COMPUTER for our use at the Alumni Room - Accessibility to the room has been provided to all the old students of the School and the Office bearers have been given the secret code to open the same - Added to this I believe there has been a New pull out in the Weekend paper Annanagar Times requesting the Alumni to come back to their school . Nowadays we are on the move and any time you cross the school just peep in to the Alumni Room - You have access to the internet so your work does not get disturbed - business is as usual - you do not have to lug around a Lap top - The facility is available at the Alumni Room - What more do you want my dear friends - Please come over to your OLD School register yourself right there if you have difficulty accessing it from your Home or Office Computer. Give us the necessary strength in terms of number of Registrations - We have GREAT plans for you - for the students of the school - for the Retired Teachers and also for the existing faculty members of the School - This school is more than 100 years old and by any conservative estimate if 300 students were to pass out every year we would be having 30000 students - our TARGET is just 10000 students - Help us to Help yourselves my friends - Till date the registration is just 185 students - Each one of you get another 50 students ie your own class mates then the Deal is made.

V. Mohan
Posted By : V.Mohan  at  9/5/2011Read More
Batch 1996-2002
Hi Friends,

I am from the Batch 1996-2002 , is there anyone from the same batch. From 6th to 10th Std i was in G section and in 11th and 12th i was in A2 section( computer science).
Posted By : U.Balamurugan  at  9/2/2011Read More
Unite to Help - Education Aid and Mentorship Program -2011
17th August 2011 was one another memorable day for all the old students of our great School. We gave scholarship for 56 students of boys and girls school for this academic year 2011-12, integrated with a Mentorship program.
It was a great honor for all of us that Sri. KTG sir accepted our request and presided over the program. We don’t have words to describe the love, passion he has for the school & the students.
Thanks to MKC , KDR sir and Sri Varadan who were instrumental in bringing Sri KTG sir for the program which illuminated the divinity to the program.
Special thanks to Sri. Tarun, Sri KDR, Sri MKC, Sri Mohan, Sri Sudarshan all the old students of our school who have encouraged and supported this program

Best Regrads
Posted By : Sundar  at  8/17/2011Read More
I stepped into my alma mater after nearly 26 years and felt like flying in thin air. The nostalgic memories drowned me for a minute. To my surprise, Jayakumar who was with me also expressed the same feeling. The school has never changed, it is ever young..I met Mr.KDR and Tamil teacher Marudur Rangarajan, who had come to visit his old friends.. An unforgettable moment to store in my memory.. I belong to 1978-85 batch .. upto 10th studies in D section, and from 11th in C section ... any old friends please contact me.. my number is 9445960162
Posted By : soumendra b chakraborthy  at  8/10/2011Read More
Unite to Help

Let's take a bow to SUNDAR & team of 1997-78 batch ( 15 - 20 guys ) who have started this organisatio & have been supporting our school for the last three years - I had an opportunity to interact with Sundar who works with TCS to understand more about their work. I am greatly impressed & all of us should take note of their contribution. I must sat that the process that they follow is like the AGARAM foundation. They are doing an event on the 17tth of august in the school to award 54 meritorious students both from boys & girls school. Please find out the time of the event & join in to encourage them. I have invited SUNDAR to join in as a batch rep in our committe.

Kudos guys - We take a BOW

Posted By : M.K.Chandrasekar  at  8/5/2011Read More
Alumni in Facebook
Hi Alumnus

In continuation with the effort to bring all Alumna of Sir MCTM Boys HSS back to the School as a group and get involved in various activities that are to be rolled out soon as a part of the Alumni Association, we've launched the facebook group page with link as follows,

This was launched with a view to attract our classmates / proximity for contact is really high in the Social Media these days.

Pls do join and spread the word around.

Also the existing Group in Linkedin is as follows,

All are available to get the maximum Alumni coming together and registering in our website ... and watch our school Grow leaps and bounds ...

Ram N
Posted By : Ramaswamy N  at  7/25/2011Read More
nice to read quite a bit if nostalgia

It was a great moment of pride to get back to school on the 17th of July for the ALUMNI formation.It was a humbling experience to seek the blessings of our great teachers & meet old friends .Now that the group is formed its encouraging to see the forum getting active & am confident that the registrations will increase in length & breadth in the coming weeks/Months - Am sure the members who have come in from 22 odd batches will network for the scale up.

Now that the core team has been formed will soon work on the formalities of formation of the legal society ( The CA's domain ) & get to the working desks for some useful executable agenda for teh betterment of the school & the students.


For the WEB ADMIN TEAM - Please change the font color to a dark grey or black - Reading is a little difficult.

Posted By : M.K.Chandrasekar  at  7/22/2011Read More
1998 batch 12B
Anyone from 1998, 12B batch?
Posted By : S Gowdhama kumaran  at  7/19/2011Read More
Entering the Campus after 18 years!!

My heartiest congratulations to all those who helped in forming this Alumni association and in organizing the meeting yesterday. Thanks to those who shared the news about the website and the meet in linkedin.

I currently live in Hyd and ever since I moved out of Chennai in 2003, I waited for an apt opportunity to step inside our great School. There can't be any better day to re-enter this school and I booked my tickets the very day when I got to know about it.

What an experience!!! I still remember the day when I entered the school for the very first time ... about 25 years ago, to appear in the Entrance examination for class VI admission. It was held in the same Thiruvalluvar Hall, where we met yesterday.

As I entered the school yesterday, K.Dharmaraj Sir welcomes me introducing himself as the Headmaster... I could quickly recognize him and fell at his feet. He is the man who taught me the basics of Accounting, the Debits & Credits; the concepts that's helping me earn my bread & butter to date.

Then inside the Tiruvalluvar Hall, I saw G.Bhaskaran Sir, who taught me Commerce in a very simple manner which helped me in learning the various other related topics during my CA. Then as we approached the newly created Alumni office, I had the privilege of meeting TKG Sir, who taught several important values that’s helping me in life till date; the Alumni room was inaugurated by none other than KTG Sir himself – who can forget this strict disciplinarian clad in white & khaki!!

KTG Sir, in his own style address the old students and contributed Rs.10K to be presented to the 10th & 12th std. topper this academic year! I’m sure many of us will follow him.

Also had a chance to meet SRK Sir, who made it very easy for me to learn Economics; be it micro or macro. I felt very happy to have met with all the great teachers who have contributed in shaping up my life.

After the event was over, I went around the campus for about half hour… entered almost all the class rooms I’ve studied in during those 7 golden years, especially the last room at the right side at the ground floor of the first block (Rajaji block?), where I studied Std. VI… to the gr.flr of the Main building where I graduated Std. XII… went around the school ground, the places where we used to play hand cricket, hand tennis, drink water (that circular water taps!!), those small pillars, on which we used to sit – nothing has changed!! It’s so amazing to see all those places… just sat in a corner and closed my eyes; I could see N Siva, D.Thirukumaran, S Karthik, Anand, G Shanmugam, V Rajesh, G Suresh, Ilangovan, Viswanath, Dilip kumar, Kalyanasundaram, Ganapathy, Amaresan, Jaleel Ahamed, Gopi, Kuppan, Raja Singh, Hariharan, Padmanabhan, Kotteeswaran, Akilan, Venkataraghavan, Uday kumar and many others, whose face flashed in my mind, but can’t recall their names.

Overall, it was a satisfying experience and I’m sure I would visit the school every time I visit Chennai. I’m sure I won’t miss any Alumni meet….

Thanks to Mr.Tarun Ghai, who’s visibly put in lot of efforts in making the dream come true along with MKCji, Mohanji, Raviji, Kesavanji, Arulmozhiji and many others.

I’m yet to recover from the nostalgic feeling and I keep viewing those few pics that I clicked using my smartphone… it was a privilege… ours is probably one of the few best schools that gave good quality education (not just studies, but also good value system) to those like me who couldn’t afford to convent education…

I owe to contribute to the good academic results of our school, in whatever form I can; felt bad when I learnt that Commerce group students are not doing well in studies; I’m sure CA Arulmozhi who’s also into teaching CA students, can lead fellow CAs like me, in doing something about it and bring in 100% pass rate.

Posted By : P.Sundararajan  at  7/18/2011Read More
Alumni meeting - Sharing an interesting article
It was a memorable day for few of my classmates (of 1987 batch) to be there in the schools alumni meeting today (17th July). Unfortunately, I could not make my trip to Chennai.
I understand that there were around 100+ alumni present and an alumni room was inagurated.
On this milestone, I would like to present the alumni an interesting article - R.K.Narayan (the great author) is an alumni of our school.
Here is the article below (link :

The M.Ct.M.Muthiah Chettiar Higher Secondary School, which has a long history, is still functioning in the Purasaiwalkam area. If I am not mistaken for talking about caste and community, I would like to put forth a view at this juncture. The Purswalkam area housed a number of Chettiar and Mudaliar families who did yeomen services to the Tamil community. R.M.Azhagappa Chettiar's residence can be seen even today. The Tamil magazine 'Kumudam' started by him is a major Tamil weekly today. Like any other place the Purswalkam area is a 'Cosmopolitan' locality.

Talking about educational institutions there is yet another great educational institution in this area. About 151 years have rolled ever since the school was started. A printing press that was started along with it is still existing there. But the names that these institutions bear are not Tamil names. On the contrary they have very close links with modern Tamil. The educational institution is the Fabricious School. The printing press is the Jeegan Bald Printing Press. The history of Tamil printing commences from Jeegan Bald Viviliam. Copies of Tamil Dictionary, which was published in the 19th century, are available even today.

An octogenarian slowly walks into the room of the Principal with the help of a walking stick. The Principal lifts his head up to find out the reason for the old man's visit to the school. The octogenarian says, "can you please allow me to go round the school for half an hour".

When the Principal looks at the old man with the question 'why' in his face, the visitor answers, "I am an old student of this school".

"May I know your name?"


Like a reflex action the Principal rushes from his chair. He could not believe his eyes to see the world famous writer standing in front of him.

"Sir, it is indeed a great honor for us. You take your own time to go round the school. I would delighted to take you around the school myself."

"Oh! Don't you trouble yourself. I can be on my own."

Narayan slowly climbed the flight of steps, reached the classroom and gets lost in his own thoughts. Exactly after half an hour he alights the steps and comes down. Looks at the Principal and says "thank you brother!" and slowly walks away.

R.K.Narayan has mentioned in two or three of his works about the days that he had spent in Purswalkam. He had spent his childhood in Vellala Street in Purswalkam area.
Posted By : GOPALA RAMANAN B  at  7/17/2011Read More
Dear all,Its so nice to see this site ,I dont know who has sent me this link in my face book ,Its the best gift for me ,recollecting my good old school days ,i studied in "b"section hindi section from 82-87 and was in AIR WING for 3years it was the best experience ever i had ,still the school is the same with those buildings where me and my friends used to run& fight ,my pranams to my teachers who taught me to be good ,2day iam working with a big power plant in Ruwais Abudahbi,as Control room engineer ,to come to this stage in life is all b'se of my teachers who taught me the good side of life and when i did mistake corrected me i wish all the students of the school a bright future ,IF ANY ONE OF HINDHI BATCH 82-87 PS KEEP IN TOUCH OR ANY ONE FROM AIR WING 83-87 KEEP IN TOUCH,
Posted By : K.ARUNKUMAR  at  7/14/2011Read More
MCTM batch from 1989-1995 (6th std onwards)
HI fellow alumni
I joined MCTM in 1989 in 6th std & finished +2 in '95.
Most of that group are still very close to each other (thanks to the internet) & we meet every few months.we are all glad that mctm now has an alumni.
Our school helped us to shape ourselves in a huge way & most of us would agree that it probably was the happiest periods of our lives.
Posted By : T.Krishnadas  at  7/11/2011Read More
Sir M.Ct.M.Chettiar H.S.School is the source of producing Efficient People
Dear All,

I am very much proud to say that I am a student of Sir M.Ct.M.Chettiar H.S.School from 1976-1983. I have completed my SSC in 1981 and 10+2 in 1983.

Now I am working as a Senior Scientist in Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Trombay, Mumbai-400085.

I remember my olden school days which I have spent for 7 years from my std VI - XII.

The Principal Shri Parthasarathy who was the keen person to change my academic line from Arts to Science during the year 1981. Because of him, today, I am now working as a Scientist in BARC, Mumbai.

I thank all the people who started this website for the betterment of sharing the thoughts of old students from the school.

All my 3 brothers studied in the same school.

I wish all the students "A VERY BRIGHT FUTURE".

MOBILE-09820627163 (after 6pm on working days)
Posted By : R.GOVINDAN  at  6/23/2011Read More
I was enjoyed my educational career in MCTM during 1992 to 1996. In my old days, we won basket ball championship.

That time, we all have enjoyed.

Posted By : SANTHOSHKUMAR R  at  6/23/2011Read More
Kudos to the humble beginning
Yesterday ie Sunday 19th June 2011 was a good beginning for a GREAT start of the Alumni association. Mind you there was representation from five different batches and we had selection of batch representatives out of the members present. One sincere work by our alumni Arul who is a practising CA was to get a senior person from the Charterred Accountant s institute for preliminiary inspection before the approval of our Sir. M.Ct. M School as the examination centre for their students in Chennai. Kudos to Arul for the initiative. Surprisingly the maximum failures during the last Secondary examinations were from the Commerce group and already we have five qualified chartered accountants who have volunteered to support the Commerce and Accountancy Teachers not only to improve the standards of students of this Group but to reverse the trend and make this as the most wanted group in M. Ct. M school for the ensuing year 2012-13. We are to meet again as per the schedule on the 17th of July and it is a KIND REQUEST FOR ONE AND ALL TO KEEP THOSE DATES FREE so that you can wholeheartely participate in the deliberations. More the merrier as per our Coresspondent Tarun. Good effort and what is WELL BEGUN IS HALF DONE.
Posted By : V.Mohan  at  6/20/2011Read More
Guys, I am Sampath Kumar from Purasawalkam High Road. I am from '77 Batch (the last SSLC 11th std). I met some of my batchmates in MKC's house. Any other member here of 77 batch recognize me? I have posted my photo also. I met one Asokan of our batch who used to be in Air wing n now the HOD of Instrumentation of IIS Bangalore. Do anybody remember him? I have also told him to register. Let us make this a big one. I also have here in Jakarta 2 other alumni of Mct.
Posted By : A. Sampath kumar  at  6/20/2011Read More
Guys...lets identify ourself....
Names are we have come accross so many people....why dont all of us flash our this digital and fast word it is possible...lets try and do it...Post your photogrph....lets recognise each other...
Posted By : Hariharan S  at  6/15/2011Read More
Life is famous for giving surprises.....
And this letter is one such....WOW.....Almost last 2 days i am waiting for my registration to go torugh and i am right here.... I am a pass out of 83 +2, from Radio & TV and I salute Mr.EBK for what he has done to me and my career... Great days..miss it obviously... Waiting for an alumini meet and want to be active also.... I am spreading the word with people who are in touch....want to see more of old friends , surely miss that hand cricket...canteen and what not.
Posted By : Hariharan S  at  6/15/2011Read More
Hello there
This is Venkateswaran Mohan known as V. Mohan during the student days we also had G. Mohan in the same class coming from CIT colony. I had attended the Republic Day Parade in the year 1972 under the Naval wing of NCC cadet and along with me there was Sreenivas also who was staying near Ewart school who also attended the RD Parade at New Delhi - when that Vannaara Paialaee ie Mr. Sadasivam was the person incharge of the NCC Naval wing cadets - who later died of some venereal diseases. We had one Mr. Selvaraj who was the coach for the Air Force and Mr. Nammalwar who was incharge of the Army students. I passed out in the year 1976 which was almost the Last or penultimate batch of the SSLC which was upto the Eleventh Standard. - More in the next mail. bye
Posted By : V.Mohan  at  6/14/2011Read More
Ramaswamy N (1982-89 Batch)
friends ..... it was heartening and happy to see the Alumni Assn taking shape. Was glad to see a few Alumni from many years last saturday .... suggested many of my batchmates to register ....

Till then ... Ram N
Posted By : Ramaswamy N  at  6/14/2011Read More
Hai All
Read the posts today - Remember BOND the TT player - Once we meet we can recognize & relate more.

Thought this website is a beginning of a great collection of minds & i appreciate Tarun's initiative in pushing this to this level - I don't think we should worry too much about the registration. If we do one constructive event/gathering & an agenda for way forward will trigger more HITS. GOOD WORD OF MOUTH Is the KEY.

Happy to get back to the roots .

Let's get going

MKC - 1977 Batch ( 091766 23070 )
Posted By : M.K.Chandrasekar  at  6/4/2011Read More
Billy - Passed out in 1977 (SSLC with Electives)
I stay in Kilpauk
Bond I can get you. You are my Senior and relative.
Posted By : M.R.Gopalakrishnan  at  6/2/2011Read More
Anyone passed 10th (in 1985) and 12th (in 1987)
This is gopala ramanan (called Gopal). Used to play Hand Cricket, Hand Tennis, Kabadi and also attend classes.

I see G.Shankar there. But no contact details.

I will ask my classmates Rengesh, Muthuraman & Gokul to join this alumni.

Posted By : GOPALA RAMANAN B  at  5/28/2011Read More
batch 2001- 2003
Posted By : A . Rukunudin  at  5/17/2011Read More
hi guys

Any one from 1995 SSLC passout batch....i really miss the good old school days..
Posted By : narayanan  at  5/12/2011Read More
Hi All..this is jayaraj Batch (1993 to 2001)
I am very proud that I am the product of M.Ct.M higher secondary school......
Posted By : J.Jayaraj  at  5/9/2011Read More
Hai to All....
Welcome to your School Website
Posted By : Suchana  at  5/9/2011Read More
Hello Friends
Hello friends i passed out SSLC in 1976, I used to play TT at school, my classmates used to call me James Bond. Any one who can recognise me
Posted By : L.KRISHNA KUMAR  at  5/7/2011Read More
Posted By : Aruloli  at  5/3/2011Read More
Hello! everyone...
Dear Friends
Please start registering immediately, so that we can commence planning for the first Alumni cum Annual school meet at the earliest.
This could be a great opportunity for all us to meet.
Warm regards,
Posted By : Ravichandra Babu D  at  5/2/2011Read More
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