#  Punctuality is to be maintained: Maintaining punctuality is one of the best qualities. Students should come to the school regularly well in advance. They are expected to be present in the school by 8.15 A.M

 # All the Students should come to school in the ' New School Uniform'  from the Academic Year 2011-2012. Even the children who celebrate their birthday should follow this. Students without proper uniform will not be allowed to attend the classes

 #  Students are not permitted to leave the school without proper permission. Students should attend the school for full session only. (Morning and Afternoon Sessions).

 #  Parents are very much aware that Tests and Examinations are being conducted periodically as per the government time-table.

 #  School is a Tobacco  Free Zone, Intake and use of tobacco in any form such as smoking, pan etc. is very injurious to health. And so, students are advised against this unhealthy habit.

 # Cell Phone is totally banned inside the school campus . Possession of cell phone inside school is not permitted, as it a great impediment and distraction to the studies of the pupils. Anyhow, it is planned to provide contact numbers to the parents to contact the school in case of any emergency.

 #  Students scaling boundary walls will be expelled immediately. If any student seen/caught scaling/jumping boundary walls, strict disciplinary action including expulsion will be initiated against him

 #  Damaging the school property is a serious issue; severe punishment will be awarded including expulsion.

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