Rules & regulations

Decorum: Pupils should come to school clean & tidy uniform.

Punctuality & Attendance: Pupils must be punctual for the class. No student is allowed to enter the class after 8:45Am. Absence must be informed properly.80% Attendance is compulsory.

With drawals: The requisition should be made by the father of the boy concerned up to VIII standard. No detention as per Government orders.

Discipline : Disobedience and disrespect are to be avoided. Pupils conduct is a must both inside and outside the school.

Parent Co-operation: Parents are expected to co-operate with the school for the progress of their words.

Class Leader: He is the only representative of the class. All matters are to be brought to the class teachers  only by him.

Objectionable Literature: Boys are strictly prohibited to converse in filthy language and it is punishable.

Extra Curricular Activities: Every pupils must enroll himself in any sports or games. He also can take part in any one of the existing clubs.

Examination: Copying is to be discouraged. No marks for all papers if any malpractice is found.

Library: Every student must enroll himself a member in our school library. He can use library in all his leisure time.

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