In Higher Secondary:
      * Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology                               (Tamil & English Medium)
      * Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology                             (Tamil & English Medium)
      * Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science              (Tamil & English Medium)
Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science                (Tamil & English Medium)
Commerce, Accountancy, Economics, Business Maths     (Tamil & English Medium)
Commerce, Accountancy, Economics, History                 (Tamil & English Medium)
Commerce, Accountancy, Economics, Computer Science (Tamil & English Medium)
Commerce, Accountancy, Typing, Office Management     (Tamil & English Medium)

Coat of Arms Explained:              

  • The lamp destroys darkness and sheds light.
  • Education (Book) removes ignorance and between knowledge.
  • The swan drinks milk and rejects water.
  • Education shows the path of goodness.
  • The height of the lotus depends upon - The level of water.
  • One's greatness depends upon one's mind and - thought.
  • A book contains the essence of knowledge and virtue.

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